Why Blockchain
The main purpose of using blockchain in this project is to ensure transparency and stability. In the case of conventional housing transactions, additional procedures were required, such as reading the certified copy of the registration to find out the transaction details of homeowners and others. There have been issues where an ongoing transaction fee is generated to the users when visiting a nearby community service center or an online registry office. Since this was an inconvenience to the readers, it led to less accessibility of information. On the other hand, the transaction details of real estate liquidity securities based on the block chain are recorded in the blockchain-based database at each transaction. Transactions on a secure chain distributed by multiple repositories and proven to be immutable have the advantage of preventing the possibility of counterfeit/fraud and, if necessary, anyone can collect and organize transactions on a blockchain database to produce necessary statistical data.
In finding out the equilibrium prices in the information market, sufficient information, whether on the consumer or supplier side, is an important factor in decision making. It is essential to provide sufficient information to each person in order to find an equilibrium price. As previously explained in the area of transparency, Blockchain-based services can be easily accessed and processed by a large number of the public as well as users of this platform. The platform provides scanning services to point TX or hash generated on blockchain to reality so that data in reality can be easily obtained. Traditional house dealers have been informed through nearby real estate, appraisal board, and acquaintances, and the agency has been able to receive more comprehensive and general information, but the data process is unclear and provides statistical information that reflects the agency's position rather than necessary information. There was a lot of macro and ambiguous information.
However, since transaction-based data can be collected with this platform, there is an advantage of being able to gather transactions in Dong/town and Complex Units. Based on this, statistical information can be produced. Through this process, the processed information can help the home's supply consumers determine the price. In addition, it will have the advantage of helping to make a judgment on the homogeneity between houses and the homogeneity of securities in the current housing market, as well as the propensity to purchase or the volume of transactions. The use of blockchain, which can provide transparency in price discovery and provide sufficient data, meets the purpose of the project.
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