The Asset-backed protocol (hereinafter "ABP") was concerned with the industrial environment where various opportunities in the growing real estate market led to the monopolization of financial institutions and high-net worth individuals. Thus, it could not help but focus on the blockchain’s source technology, which has brought an investment sensation.
The REIT market, which heated up the traditional financial market in early 2020, has made investors enthusiastic about the indirect ownership of high-value real estate assets with minimum capital requirement. The same applies to the source technology of blockchain, where the asset is blocked as collateral, ledger is created, and is divided among pulular participants. This has the same effect as dividing a property into underlying assets. Nevertheless, real estate investment together with blockchain technology does not seem familiar with the market yet, even though the cryptocurrency market achieved 100 trillion USD in early 2021 and created a mega industry.
In 2020, even though 60 trillion won was raised for Defi and NFT projects, which provided active liquidity in the blockchain market, the real estate which is a safe asset, didn’t draw attention from Defi and NFT. Even though these projects do not guarantee the investors' principal with safe assets backed as collateral, the market is still zealous about blockchain.
Based on these reasons, we want to create a new paradigm for real estate investment along with blockchain technology by proposing safe investment structures with real assets as collateral and easy access to high-end real estate assets in traditional markets.
Considering the abundant liquidity and smooth supply of blockchain, "ABP" aims to provide high-quality investment assets (NPL, real estate implementation, etc.) to investors by supplying collateralized real estate assets and providing various profit structures.
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