Real estate market
"ABP" can ease the financial burden of individual real estate owners by actively utilizing the characteristics of the distributed ledger of cryptocurrency and the block technology. Also, through “ABP”, some of the personal expenses of purchasing residential real estate for the purpose of real residence can be matched with the funds for the purpose of investment according to matched parties’ financial needs. . This allows individuals and corporations that own real estate to stabilize equity capital and debt ratios through disclosure of real estate assets through “ABP”, and allows investors to expect a return from variety of regional, class and real estate by having a secured blockchain real estate NFT without excessive borrowing
A. Reduce excessive debt ratios and financial interest B. Replace liabilities and acquire principle real estate ownership through "TTV" C. Small investors' investment in real estate for principle residence D. Effect of the reduction of Housing Loans E. Rich liquidity in the real estate market
1) TTV: Token to Value represents the equity structure of real estate invested by Token holders, not debt-related assets, and enables improvement of real estate financial structures and innovative financing similar to other companies' capital.

"ABP" will share various commercial real estate and real estate development projects through partnerships with several asset management companies and real estate developers on the platform. Through these partnerships, many token participants can find various high-end real estate investment opportunities at "ABP." The disclosed real estate product will be divided into digital assets through blockchain technology. At this time, as the assets are divided, the minimum participation cost is lowered, making it easier for token participants to access investment opportunities.. Like such, token participants create an indirect effect where they own real estate shares.
This allows ABP token holders to easily invest in commercial real estate (buildings, hotels, residential complexes, etc.), real estate development, and other large private capital development projects.

"ABP" prioritizes NPL-based commercial real estate investment strategies and strives to provide fast investment turnover cycle and high expected returns. In addition, it provides abundant products of these high-end real estate products and helps individuals form a diverse portfolio with small investments.
For instance, "ABP" provides individuals with a variety of investment opportunities , such as gains from the purchase of discounted NPL bonds, additional discounts from auctions, rental revenues, and disposal gains. In particular, the period from the start of the auction to the dividend of NPL is relatively short compared to traditional real estate asset, so investors can enjoy a fast turnaround period, higher profits than traditional markets is another benefit, and investment activities based on protection investment principles backed by real estate.
  • The solution allows investors to expect diverse profit structure and financial stability of the house holder.
  • Reduce borrowing ratio by securing funds through blockchain of real estate assets.
  • Reduce investment turnover cycle
  • Bridge to various lucrative businesses: 1) Disposal profit, 2) Rental profit, 3) NPL dividend profit *
*) The NPL is a bond of discounted debt and can expect a discounted amount of profit from the purchase through court dividends if held by the auction date of the property.
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