Liquidity Policy
Tokens have important implications for the project ecosystem, and the entire network can develop more safely and soundly in the long run only when the stability of token value is maintained. ABP will ensure market price stability through various means, including staking, burning incineration, purchasing investment products, commissions, market price purchases, and providing liquidity pools. In addition, only a minimum of ABPs can be managed in the market by purchasing on-site ABPs distributed to the market through part of the revenue from each product and collecting ABPs as platform fees. At the same time, it will establish incentive devices for participants to deposit, use, and trade tokens to enable the platform.


  • The platform’s business model consists of Buy Back and Staking policy.
  • After listing each financial products on the platform as an investment basket, the platform launches a corresponding Staking Series.

NFT Token

  • In the model, the NFT Token functions as a proof of stake.
  • The NFT records the lockup month, token receiving rate to the deposit tokens, and the product name.
  • Token holders, In the launched staking series, receive NFTs after deposit a specified amount of tokens with lock-up schedule.
  • NFT tokens are transferable to Non-Stakers through the Secondary Market.


  • Through profit gained generated from products corresponding to staking asset, the platform repurchases tokens from the market and provides stakers in return from the staking pool allocated in the initial allocation.
  • A portion of the profit gained secured through the product is provided as brokerage commission income to business partners, and other profit will be accumulated in the Fund for reinvestment purpose as development engine for new products.
  • The amount of tokens in the initially allocated Staking Pool will gradually decrease. As well as, the Token dividend/Staking will also decrease.

BuyBack/Token Burn

  • The initial tokens setting is saved and belong to the foundation.
  • A certain percentage of the accumulated tokens are continuously burned.

Circulation Squeeze

  • There are three distribution reduction effects in the model.
  • Reduces circulating supply through Staking ⇒ Reduces circulating supply through steady reinvestment on the platform and the release of additional Series.
  • Buy-Back
    ⇒ Increases Buy-Back Reserve in the foundation through steady re-purchase of tokens in the market
  • Token Burn
    ⇒ Decreases real circulating supply through burning of re-purchased token
  • Provides early investors the opportunity to participate in early staking, vesting, and realize potential gain.