Purpose of use

On the Dinero platform, ABP Token will be used for product participation and payment of transaction fees. All transactions will be made via APB Token. ABP Tokens are consumed at a fee rate offered by the platform according to the executed transaction details between each users on the platform, and 30% of the ABP Tokens returned to the platform as a fee will be moved to the Burning Pool and incinerated on a quarterly basis.

Investment purpose

The main source of revenue stream of the Dinero platform is operating income from investment products and brokerage fees generated from transactions and product participation between users within the platform. The brokerage fee is settled through APB Token, and the Token is priced according to the market’s demand and supply as the tokens are traded. As the use of platform services increases and the relative scarcity of tokens increases, it will be possible to secure return on investment in tokens. In the initial stage, when the token price enters a stable period, we plan to increase the scarcity by continuously creating consumers.