This white paper has been distributed for general reference purposes only and may be reviewed and modified. Please note that the latest information is reflected in the paper but is not the final version. The information contained in this document, such as the operation and financial status of the business, may change after this date.
(1) No one shall be obliged to enter into a contract or a legally binding pledge with the sale of the token and shall not make a simple decision merely based on the white paper. The sale of tokens is through a legally binding contract, and the relevant details are provided separately from this white paper. If there are any discrepancies between the contract and the content of this White Paper, the contract shall take precedence.
(2) In no event shall this white paper be taken as a token sale or purchase proposal by the token issuer/distributor/contractor, and the presentation of this document or the documentation of this document itself shall not be based on or relied upon for contract and investment decisions.
(3) Tokens are not intended to constitute a unit of securities, business trusts, or collective investment plans and shall not be construed as investment proposals or recruitment, such as units or units of collective investment plans.
(4) This white paper states that there is no explicit or implied guarantee or description of the accessibility, quality, suitability, accuracy, adequacy, completeness, etc. of tokens and related services, and that there is no liability for any errors, delays, omissions, or actions taken.
(5) Contracts that purchase tokens do not guarantee principal and may result in loss of investment. Issuer/distributor/company shall not be legally liable for any contractual or unlawful act, and this shall apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law regulations.
(6) The specific expressions set forth in this paper contain predictive statements about the future, future events, prospects, etc. of the project. Forward-looking statements include a variety of risks and uncertainties. These statements do not guarantee future performance and should not be overly dependent. When risk and uncertainty become a reality, actual performance and development may differ from expectations set by future predictive statements.
(7) The information contained in this white paper has not been reviewed, inspected or approved by the regulatory authority. Such action has not been taken under any jurisdiction and will not be taken.
(8) Tokens should not be understood, interpreted, classified, or handled in the following way if they are desired to be acquired:
a) Currency other than cryptocurrency
b) Bonds and Shares issued by any other agency
c) Rights, options and derivatives of such bonds and shares
d) Differential contracts and other rights under which the purpose is to gurantee or avoid investment returns or losses is to be impersonated
e) Units or derivatives of securities, such as collective investment plans, business trusts, etc
(9) The Company is not obligated to provide an update on its forward-looking statements, even if these circumstances change in the Company. You are solely responsible for the forward-looking statements not being realized if you act on the basis of the forward-looking statements included in this white paper, the company and its associates' websites and other materials.
(10) The platform is not complete nor fully operational as of the date this white paper was created. Although the explanation is based on the assumption that the platform will be completed and fully operational in the future, it should not be taken as a guarantee or commitment to the completion and complete operation of the platform.
(11) Before deciding to purchase and participate in tokens, we recommend that you read the following carefully and fully analyze and understand the related factors and risks involved: Risks include but are not limited to:
(i) the risk of storage-related buyer negligence, such as restricting access to tokens due to the loss of identification information and the loss of essential private keys related to the digital wallet in which tokens are stored;
(ii) the risk of changes in value after the issuance of tokens due to global market and economic conditions; This uncertainty in token value may not support the funds needed to develop the ecosystem or maintain the ecosystem in the intended direction.
(iii) the risks associated with changes in the political, social and economic environment, changes in the stock or cryptocurrency market environment, changes in the regulatory environment in the country in which the associates operate, and changes in the ability of the company and its associates to survive or compete. Existing/new regulations regarding blockchain technology that are disadvantageous to tokens can be applied in certain jurisdictions, resulting in significant changes to the token abolition/loss ecosystem and projects.
(iv) a change in the future capital needs of the company and its associates, and a lack of risk funds associated with changes in capital and financing possibilities to meet them, can affect the development of the platform and the use and potential value of token. Any adverse change in token value, failure of business relationships, and competitor claims of intellectual property during development/operation can lead to suspension of activities, decommissioning or launch planning, which may adversely affect ecosystems and potential use of tokens.
(vi) Lack of interest in other organizations, such as enterprises, individuals, etc., in platforms and services, and limited public interest in the creation and development of deployed applications. This absence of interest can limit funding or affect platform development and the utilization and potential value of tokens.
(vii) the risk of applying significant changes to the key features and specifications of tokens or platforms prior to the launch or implementation of projects and ecosystems. Although tokens and features are intended to match the content of the white paper, you can still apply these changes.
(viii) the risk of competition with tokens and other platforms that could potentially adversely affect the platform (e.g., when competitive projects do not produce commercial success or have a poor outlook).
(ix) the risk that third parties or other individuals intentionally or unintentionally plant harmful and malicious code on the platform and interfere with the utilization of the platform infrastructure and tokens. The blockchain used on the platform is also vulnerable to these attacks, posing a risk to the platform and the operation of related services.
(x) The occurrence of a catastrophic event, such as a force majeure natural disaster, may affect the operation of the company and its affiliated companies and other uncontrollable factors. Events such as mining attacks, attacks by hackers or other individuals can cause theft and loss of token sales revenue, theft and loss of tokens, and impairment of ecosystem development capabilities.
(xi) Tokens and other cryptocurrencies are new, untested technologies and continue to evolve. The full functionality of the token is not yet complete and there is no guarantee of completion. As technology evolves, advances in encryption technology and methods, and changes in consensus and algorithms can pose risks to tokens, sales of tokens, projects, ecosystems, and their utilization.
(xii) The token grants no decision-making authority to any other entity in relation to the project, ecosystem, etc.
(12) All decisions, including discontinuation of products, services, ecosystems, etc., additional generation and sale of tokens utilized in the ecosystem, sale and liquidation, are made at the discretion of the Company.
(13) The tax and accounting practices of tokens are uncertain and may differ depending on the jurisdiction. Token purchases can negatively affect tax processing and are encouraged to seek independent tax advice. In addition to the risks stated above, there are other risks that the company and its associates do not anticipate. There can also be risks of unexpected combinations and transformations.
(14) The actual development of the above risks and uncertainties could have a real and negative impact on the business, financial status, operational results and prospects of the company and its associates. In this case, you may lose some or all of the token value.
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