Key Products
The Dinero Platform will provide various investment products (NPL, GPL, Real-Estate, Rent, Fund, etc.) that are difficult to access.

“ABP” participates directly with partners composed of experts in the process of NPL purchases from asset management companies such as UAMCO, and all auctions processes that takes place thereafter.
The ultimate goal of "ABP" is to provide a easy access platform to private investor with small capital for allowing participation in NPL and auction/short-sale’ where participants can enjoy is specialized real estate markets with relatively high returns and short investment turnover period. By introducing blockchain-based "ABP" platform to potential investors looking for new and dinamic investments, the company aims to experience a wide range of, easy asset management opportunities and provide quality, satisfactory financial services.

ABP tokens issued directly from the token foundation are circulated through the exchange as an act of raising funds for the transfer of ownership of the property which related to NPL, is being negotiated or previously purchased. The distributed ABP tokens can be SWAPed with NFTs by selecting from real real estate products are disclosed through the ABP platform. At this time, the platform issues an NFT token during the ABP token recruitment process as providing ticket to user for participation of ABP acquisition opportunity through ABP token This allows NFTs to make a detour claim for the profits of the object to the owners.
As above, similar to commercial real estate based on NPL strategy, we plan to provide services that real estate transactions between individuals using the NFT trade technology.
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